Grade guide (Cash 4 Fone)

The items we buy & sell are graded according to their conditions, functionality that’s including software, hardware & the accessories they come with.

All our phones, tablets, iPad are graded as one of the following & it must pass IMEI/Serial check before a payment can be made.


* A Grade: This item must be mint/new condition. It must have all the original accessories which it comes with, including the box, charger, earphone & etc. It means, it must be a mint & all the accessories must be official one, if it’s not, then, we will not grade it as A grade.


* B Grade: This item must be a good condition & have all the essential accessories which it comes with, include the charger.It must be a good condition, general wear & tear accepted.No box required.


* C Grade: This item in poor condition but fully working & has got a charger. It must not be crashed, damaged, cracked, bend & etc. & all the accounts & password must be removed. No box required.

* D Grade – None working: This item is very poor condition, it’s damaged, including, screen damaged,  bend, & dead, water damaged, not powering up, speaker/mic faults & etc. Basically need repair service. No charger required but all the account must be remove as well as passwords. 

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