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What is Cash 4 Fone?

Cash 4 Fone founded September 2009 in Telford Shropshire. Trading as Cash4 Fone &  

registered under the name of Cash 4 Fone Communication Ltd. It's registered in England 

Wales under the company number 93029820.

What does Cash 4 Fone do?

We Buy, Sell, Exchange, Repair, Unlock a range of electronics products including mobile phone, 

tablet, iPad, computers & etc. We also provide BuyBack & installment services. 

Selling to Cash 4 Fone online & in store

What items does Cash 4 Fone buy?

We buy mainly phone, tablet, iPad & etc online & in store. The majority phone makes we buy are 

including Samsung, iPhone, Sony, Huawei, Nokia & etc.

Please note, if you are not able to find your model on

our website, please email us your model details to,where we will be able to provide

you the price for your requested item.

How old do I have to be sell goods to Cash 4 Fone

online & in store?

In order, to sell any goods to Cash 4 Fone online & in

store, you must be 16 years or older.

How much would I get for my goods?

All our goods prices are set by our professional team

& take into account market trends various 

economic factors. These prices are subject to change

without notice.

Our dedicated team would check the status of your

goods, include the memory size, network, condition, 

and colour & would offer you a competitive price for

your goods.

How long do I have to wait for the goods to be test


In store, in order to test an item, it will take 30

minutes for each single item to be tested before the 

actual payment will be made.

How can I sell my goods to Cash 4 Fone?

There are two ways, you can sell your item to Cash 4

Fone. You can either go online & search for your 

model at Once you found your 

model & placed the order online, you can post it to us

or you can drop off to one of our store.

Or you can go to our store, & sell it there straight


How can I post/drop off the item to Cash 4 Fone?

It’s easy to sell your item online to Cash 4 Fone at

First you must be logged in. Once you logged

in, search for your item, chose at the checkout how to

sell your items to us, (pack & post or drop off)

to store & placed the order. 

Once you have placed the ordered & decided the way

you want to sell it to us. You need to do the following.

For example, if you have already chosen to pack &

post it to us, then please post it to us as soon as

possible, so we can make the payment into your

provided bank account on same day as we received.

Once we received & processed your order & if it’s all

passed & sound we will make the payment same

day into your provided bank account. :)

Note: Please make sure, your bank account details are

correct & up to date so we can make the payment 

to the correct bank account.

Or, if you chosen to drop off the item to one of our

store, then please take your item to the selected

store with all the accessories which it comes with,

including the charge, box and etc.

Write it down the order number & take your item to

selected store & once you got into the store, tell the 

staff that you here to drop off an online order.

A member of the staff will check your item, & if it’s

all passed & sound, they will make the payment 

same day into your provided bank account, which will

hit your bank account before midnight.

Note: You must take with you a photo id like driving

licence, passport & etc, if you are going to drop

of your items to one of our store.

For peace of mind & for safety reason, we will still pay

into your bank account, even if you decided to drop

off the item into one of our store. It means we will

not pay you cash for any online order you placed.

What’s the requirement for a new membership?

Selling to Cash 4 Fone, It’s easy & friendly. To be

Cash 4 Fone membership, & to sell your items to Cash

4 Fone for cash or exchange, we must register you to

be a full membership of Cash 4 Fone in order start

sells your item to us.

You must be at least 16 years old or older & able to

provide one of the following original ids (photo copy)

not accepted.

Citizen Card

UK passport

EU passport

Debit/Credit card

EU driving licence

Disabled driver permit

Council tax/Rent book

EU National identity card

UK photo card driving licence

UK photo card provisional licence

Police / Armed Forces Warrant Card

Utilities bill not more than 6 months old

Bank/building society statements not more than 6

   months old

How long will it take to get my money?

You will get your payment same day, once we received

& processed your order successfully. Any payment

made same day, will hit your bank account before

midnight. It's included for the order either posted to

us or drop off to our store.

Buying from Cash 4 Fone online & in store

What item/service does Cash 4 Fone sell?

Cash 4 Fone sell & provide a range of electronics

goods, including

Sell phone

iPad, tablets

Phone Repairs

Buyback service

Phone unlocking

Sell electronics parts

Electronic accessories

Laptop/desktop repair

Spread the cost service

And much much much more

What’s the warranty for the goods I buy from Cash 4


All our phones, tablets & other electronics covered by

up to 9 month’s warranty.

Buying electronics, include phones, tablets & iPad

A grade: 9 Months

B grade: 6 Months

C grade: 3 Months

Repair service from Cash 4 Fone

All our Repair service covered by standard 6 Month

warranty from the date it has been Repaired from

Cash 4 Fone.

Unlocks service

We provide life time guarantee for unlock service.

For all phones unlocked, tablets and iPad, which are

done from Cash 4 Fone, you will get life time 

guarantee,it means, once we unlocked your phones,

tablets or iPad, it will be unlocked life time, & it will 

never get locked again for specific network.

Returning an online order


How do I return an online order?

We always make sure, that you will be satisfied with

our services as well as with our products.

If there is a problem with your purchased item, that’s

doesn’t work for you, or any service we provided like

Repair or unlock not working for you correctly,

please write it to us first at

(don’t forget to provide your order number in email ).

We will try to help you as much as we can to solve the

problem in first instant.

If we failed to solve the problem, alternatively, you can

also return it to us by post, for either a refund or

replacement. In order to quickly process for return,

please include a note mentioning your order number

and reason for return.

There are 2 way to get your order to us;

Post it to us

Drop off to nearest Cash 4 Fone store

Please note:

Cash 4 Fone is not responsible for any damaged or

loss that happens in transit.

Delivery Questions


How much do you charge for P&P?

There are different delivery charges for the items,

when it comes shipping to you after you have

purchased on our website.

*Part: Per item £3.50

*Phone: Per item £8.50

*Repair: Free

*Unlock: Free

*Electronic: Per item £8.50

*Accessories: Per item £2.00

How long does delivery take?

Any item that you order by 3 clocks, from Monday to

Saturday, will be dispatched same day. Any items that

ordered after 3 or over the weekend, will be

dispatched next working day.

Phone & electronic items will be dispatch as Royal

Mail Special delivery next day sign for.

Parts, Repairs & Accessories will be dispatch as Royal

Mail 48 tracked sign for.

For the unlock service, we will email you the unlock

code or let you know that the phone has been

unlocked successfully.

Shipping Questions


How do I post my order to Cash 4 Fone?

* Log in to our site

* Create your order,the item you want to sell it to us

* Pack your item into secure padding box, include your name,order number etc.

* Go to your nearest post office & post it to from there. (Please keep shipping receipt).

How long do I have to ship the goods to Cash 4


You have got 14 days from the date you have created

the order to reach to us the order, that’s included


Any orders reached to us after 14 days, we will value

as new price. So it’s very important that the order 

reach to us as soon as possible, after you have 

created an online order. 

Drop off online order to store


How does drop off to store work?

*Log in to our site

*Create your order,the item you want to sell it to us.

*Remove all account & password from your sell item.

*Write it down your order number & take a photocard id with you.

*Take to nearest Cash 4 Fone store, let the staff know that you are drop off an online order.

*A member of the staff will check & process your order.

If it’s all oK & sound, a bank transfer payment will be

made on same day,which will hit your bank account 

before midnight.

Repair Questions


What items does Cash 4 Fone can Repair?

We repair a range of electronics goods, that’s

including phone, tablet, iPad, computer, laptop

& etc.

If there is any electronic you have got, need it Repair

& not sure, whether we can repair that item, please

get in touch with us at

How can I book a Repair online?

It’s easy & quick to book a repair online

*Search your Repair &  add to your basket

*Pay for the Repair online & post/drop off 

  to our store.

*Once the item Repaired completed successfully, you can either collect it from our store or we can ship it to your provided address.

Please note:

Cash 4 Fone is not responsible for any damaged or

loss that happens in transit.

What warranty will I get with my Repaired item?

All our Repair service comes with standard 6 months

warranty,from the date it Repaired from us.

How long does repair takes?

Most repair takes about an hour to be Repaired. But it

all depends on the repair job & part availability.

Some deep Repair takes about 6-14 days to be repair,

for example, water damaged, mother board repair

& etc.

Part & Accessories Questions


What warranty will I get my parts & accessories


All our parts come with standard 6 months warranty

& accessories come with 3 months.

Phone Unlock Questions

How does unlock works?

All unlock orders we process are go automatically, it

means, we don’t actually need the phone physically to

get it unlock. All we need the IMEI/Serial number of

the unlock requested item.

*Search & add your item to the basket

*Add the unlock item IMEI/Serial to the item & pay for the order

*Wait for the unlock code email to be send it to you once the item unlocked.

Please note:

It's your responsibility add to the checkout the correct

IMEI/Serial number of the unlock item, that you are

requesting us to be unlock.

Adding to the checkout incorrect IMEI/Serial number

can delayed the order & your item will not get unlock

& you will not be refunded, so it's very important that

at the checkout, you enter the correct IMEI/Serial

number of the unlock item into the basket.

The safest way to get the IMEI/Serial number of your

unlock item is to type in *#06# on your phone keypad

to get the right IMEI.

For tablet/iPad, you need go to the setting, about,

there in the about section, you should be able to see

serial number of the item.

How long does it takes to get unlock my phone?

It all depends on make, model & network. To check,

how long does it takes to get unlock your

phones/tablets, please visit the unlock page, search

for your unlock item & check the results there.

Will my phone/tablets/IPad to be permanent 

unlocked after it's unlocked from Cash 4 Fone?

Yes, absolutely, all phones, tablets, iPad, we unlock

them permanent. It means, once it’s you unlocked

from us, you will be able to use any sim card in the

world & it will be unlocked life time unlock


Cash 4 Fone team

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