Terms and Conditions (Cash 4 Fone)

Cash 4 Fone Terms & Condition

For the remainder of the document, Cash 4 Fone, the company, and its staff will be deemed as us/we/ourselves, and the customer will be deemed as you/yourself.


We sell high quality parts for phones or other electronics. All our parts come with standard 6 months guarantee. It means, within 6-month time, if our parts stop works for any reason, you can bring it back to one of our store with valid purchase receipt, and you will be given a replacement with no cost to you or if we don’t have the replacement in stock, we will order the part for you, which will takes (3-6 days) to get or if we failed to get replacement, then last thing, we will refund you.

Parts warranty:

We provide 6 months warranty on any phones and electronics parts.

Please note: 

We will not able to provide replacement or refund, if the part has been physically damaged, or damage for no reason.

We will not refund you for return item, because you don’t like, you don’t need it etc.


- Selling phone or other electronics to Cash 4 Fone

We offer a service to buy phones/electronics from you, in exchange for cash. We will offer a quotation based upon the make/model of the device as well as its physical condition. To offer a quotation, we will need to inspect your handset, both the hardware and software, to verify the integrity of its operation.

You are under no obligation to accept the quotation that we offer, however the quotation we offer only remains valid for the duration that you are in our store or shows the price at the same time online on our website at www.cash4fone.com.

We reserve the right, for any reason, to refuse to purchase a handset.

1st for security reasons and proof of ownership, we require from you a valid photographic ID (e.g. valid passport, driving license), if you are not already registered with us and which we will take a copy for our records, held by us permanent.

2nd, we will check your device both the hardware and software, to verify the integrity of its operation. To check the handset, it will take 30 min each handset to be check it out.

3rd, if your handset is successfully passed, we will be able to give you cash as its agreed at the same time.

You will still hold liable if your phone/electronics becomes barred/blocked after it has been sold to us. If the handset becomes barred/blocked, we will contact you to come and collect your handset and demand the return of the full amount that we paid you for your phone/electronics. This is to be done within a maximum of seven working days of us contacting you. If you do not adhere to this request, you will be reported to the police, you will be permanent blocked, it means, we will not buy off you any goods in the future. It is a crime to sell barred/blocked phones/electronics.

- Buying phone or other electronics from Cash 4 Fone

If you are unhappy with your purchase, for any reason, you may bring back the purchased handset to our store, up to three working days from the day of purchase, with the purchase receipt and the phone/electronics in its original condition, and you will have offered a refund (minus 25% restocking fee).

Please note: Once three working days has been passed, we will not be able to buy off you for (minus 25% restocking fee), as this stage, we will just simply revalue your device and give you a new price.

All our phones/electronics come with up to 9-month limited warranty [Grade A: phone 9-month, Grade B: 6 month and Grade C: 3 months], which covers faults with the handset, and repairs/replacements will be completed at no charge to you.

Phones warranty:

We provide up to 9 months warranty on phones and electronics. Details shows above.

Please note:

The warranty does not cover faults that could have been caused by accidental damage or mistreatment of the device and, in this case, we may charge you for any repair work required.

If a handset need a repair, we will repair it for you within 2 working days, (Not included weekend). In some cases, some handset takes up to 14 working days to get it fix, this is because, we might need to order the parts, we might need more time to fix your device etc.

If for some reason, we cannot repair your handset, we will then provide you a replacement handset and if in case, we do not have the replacement handset in stock, we will then refund you the full value of the device, what you have paid for it.

Unfortunately, we do not provide battery warranty with any devices you have purchased from us include phones/electronics. The reason, we can’t give you warranty with the battery, because these days, most devices battery are built in, and we are not able to diagnose them during when we buy from our customers.

But, we will be pleased to replace it with a new one, which you will have to pay for the service and with the new battery, you will also get 6 months warranty too, which it means, if during 6 months’ time, if your new battery doesn’t work perfect or doesn’t hold charge, we will be able to refund you.

You must be 16 to sell/exchange phones or others electronic to Cash 4 Fone.


We offer a service to attempt to repair mobile/electronics handsets, including but not limited to: water damage, screen/button/speaker/housing repair and replacement. We will inspect a handset and provide a quote for a repair, which you are under no obligation to accept, but the quote will only remain valid for the duration that you remain in the store.

We normally repair phones/electronics within an hour, but some phones/electronics may take longer up to 14 working days. We reserve the right, for any reason, to refuse to repair a handset.

Repairs warranty:

We provide 6 months warranty on every repairs include phones and electronics.

Please note:

That any repair undertaken is solely at your own risk and that we reserve the right to give you back your handset and refund you the money that we quoted for handsets that we fail to repair.

You will not lose any details, whatever you have got on the device. We will look after your device the best way as we can.

We will only repair the part of your device, what you have told us to do, we are not responsible for the whole repair of your device.


We provide phone/electronic unlock services for most models. The way, we unlock phones/electronics is permanent. It means, once we unlocked your device, your device will be unlocked lifetime and you will be able to use your device for the rest of your life and it will not locked back to the old network, even after you Updated/Reset or other software issue.

The way we provide unlock service is simple, safe and its automatic. It means, you can keep your device with you, while we unlock it for you.

The way it’s work is that, first you will need to bring your device to one of our store, we will write it down the Serial/IMEI of the device, take one of your phone number for unlock confirmation, take the payment for the unlock service and you then take the device with you.

Once we got these details, we will process your device Serial/IMEI for unlock. Once it’s unlocked, we will text you the code and let you know, that your device has been successfully unlocked now and all the details will be attached to the text. It’s that simple.

Unlocks warranty:

The way, we unlock any phones and electronics are permanent, it means, once we unlock your device, it will be unlocked life time. So, in this case, any unlock you do from us, you will get life time warranty. 

Please note: 

You will not lose any details, whatever you have got on the device.

You must wait up to maximum time, we have told you to wait, we will not be able to cancel yours unlock order, once it has been placed.

We are not be responsible, if the phone doesn't work even after successfully unlocked from our side, this is because, the phone might  been blocked,stolen,barred or damaged, so in this case, we have done the unlocking for you and you have to speak to the seller who you bought the device from, and you need to ask them about this.


We provide high quality accessories for most gadgets. We keep most stocks for the new models as well as for the classic models. In some cases, we might don’t have the right cases for the right models, or run out of the stocks, if it is, then we can always order it for you.

To place an order, first you must come to one of our store to place an order. We will take the deposit and place the order for you. Order takes 3-6 days to arrive, but in some cases, it might take longer up to 14 working days.

Accessories warranty:

We sell high quality accessories for the latest as well as for the classic models. We don’t provide any warranty on any accessories, because we know, these are the high-quality accessories in the market, so it’s depends on you, how you use them, but unfortunate, there is no warranty on any accessories currently.

Please note: 

If you like to exchange any accessories to others, you welcome. You can exchange it within 3 working days, from the date of the purchase, with the valid receipt and the item has to be in original condition, as it has been sold to you.

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